About StatusKit

StatusKit brings together a customizable status page, events tracking for your service to foster communication, letting the world knows the situation is under control, allowing you to handle Incidents like a pro.

We built StatusKit to help your business offer easy-to-manage service report, and hopefully, we can achieve that for you. In 3 minutes, you can create your business’s status page, track and update incidents and enhance transparency to your customers.

Why Playa choose us

Playa Web Solutions, one of the web agency firm in Hong Kong, helped design and maintain cloud infrastructures for their clients. They needed a better way to inform their own customers of unscheduled downtime and maintenance.

For over 2 years, Playa used their web-based EDM system to send information about infrastructures downtimes. This implementation soon became confusing and annoying to their customers. Besides, sometimes their infrastructures fail alongside with their EDM system, making their implementation useless.

Within a week of testing StatusKit, Playa decided switching to us, launching playa.statuskit.com to provide a dedicated source of their cloud infrastructures status information.

How you can use StatusKit

StatusKit is designed to focus on human response rather than robotic automated status updates. It is made so that you can customise it whatever you want. It comes with customizable service status and incident status, meaning you can add any status to any services and incidents you like.

StatusKit is not only for IT companies or SAAS companies, it is for any business that provides services for their clients. Whether you are running a transportation company or launching a KickStarter Campaign, StatusKit is here for you.